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At Urgha Depot, over the last few years, we have offered a wide range of livestock feeds for local crofters, along with fencing materials such as posts, strainers, stock fencing and rails etc. For gardeners, we offer a variety of different composts, including brands such as, Clover and Jacks Magic, along with Farmyard manure. For dog owners we stock a wide range of dry dog food, with a choice of feed for both working dogs and pets in a variety of age ranges.

Late last year we expanded the shop with the aim to stock supplies that were not offered locally. This involved hardware supplies such as Hinges, Screws, Nuts & Bolts all in various sizes and types, a small selection of tools for gardening, such as loppers, secateurs and pruners, a selection of motor oils and also many other items which we thought would come in handy.

Recently we have been broadening our stock based on ideas from the community and researching what suppliers have to offer. This has seen the addition of a range of Gorilla products that being glues, tapes and sealants. A range of plant feed, weed killers and garden fertilizer, also additional gardening tools such as rakes, spades, forks, wheelbarrows and expanding the choice of screws, hinges etc.

In future we plan to keep widening the range of stock based on feedback from the community, with the aims of providing a one stop shop for your crofting/DIY requirements.

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