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Shortly after the establishment of the Trust, a student group from The University of Flensburg carried out an audit to determine renewable energy options for North Harris. The first project taken forward from the study was the development of a commercial-scale wind turbine. Along with four other community groups in the Western Isles and five more in Orkney, wind energy was seen as a means of generating game-changing new income to fund community development projects.  Much volunteer effort was consumed securing planning permission and grid connection for a turbine at Monan.  See the wind-energy page for more details.

Once permissions were secured, efforts re-focused on hydro-energy opportunities. With much simpler technology and lower visual impact, a number of rivers were investigated. 

Since the two major energy projects, government support schemes for renewable generation have been withdrawn.  Adding to this hurdle is the lack of capacity on the local grid for larger generators. NHTC's efforts in recent years have been in micro-renewables, seeking opportunities to supply single buildings rather than entire communities.

Wind Turbines
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