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Skip Update

The Recycling operation has struggled over the summer with equipment breakdowns and staff shortages at CnES. This has meant we have had to shut the gates to customers at short notice. Facebook has proved quite effective at notifying our regular users when the site is Open/Closed. This was proved when a General skip filled in a single day after the message went out that we were open for business.

General waste skip movements have improved of late, however we do have a Waste Electrical (W.E.E.E) skip issue. Following a fire at the processing plant on the mainland, a backlog of white goods has built up in Stornoway. CnES has run out of space and empty skips. This has meant that we are now having to refuse electrical items at Urgha Depot. The Co-mingled skip (Plastics/Cans) and the Glass skip outside the yard are still in operation. We have been assured that despite kerbside recycling collections rolling out throughout Harris, we will retain these skips for visitors and households with more than their wheelie bins can cope with.

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